Payday loans allow you to finance, quickly and easily

Instant Care Bank’s payday loans allow you to finance, quickly and easily, any type of expense you need to face. For example, you can have the amount of money necessary to be able to pay for the home renovation, but also the studies or to buy a new or used car. fleshes this out

Good Credit, the payday loan from Instant Care Bank

Good Credit allows you to finance, as seen, any type of expense you have to or want to face. Excellent solution for both employees and self-employed, it allows you to have up to 75,000 dollars. Here are the main features of the Good Credit loan:

  • perfect as a loan for everyone, in the sense that it can be requested both as an employee loan and as a loan for self-employed workers. In any case, it is a fast and convenient solution
  • fast loan, since, from the moment of the beginning of the practice, the amount of money needed is credited to your checking account in no time
  • flexible loan, since you can customize the repayment plan within a maximum of 120 months and you can decide to postpone up to two installments of the loan, to be repaid by the end of the same
  • broad, in the sense that you can use it for any purpose you need, even as computer loans
  • convenient, in the sense that the additional costs of financing are minimal and related to the amount you ask, so you never pay anything more than you could have

With Instant Care Bank you can, therefore, have decidedly advantageous and convenient financing, for any purpose you may need. In order to apply for these payday loans, all you have to do is go to the branch closest to your home in Instant Care Bank and apply for a loan. Within a very short time you can have a feasibility response and, if accepted, the amount you need for your purchases.

Payday loans for employees and retirees

Among other personal financing solutions, Instant Care Bank proposes “Give me 5”, granted with the transfer of the fifth of the salary or pension.

It is a fast and comfortable loan, which can be obtained in installments of up to 120 months and the advantage to repay the loan with a deduction made by the employer or pension institution: no postal payment slip, no bank debit, no queue in the bank or at the post office to pay.

The credit on pawn

Among the various solutions proposed there is also a credit on the pledge, a loan linked to the concession of valuable goods as a guarantee of the sum obtained.

The pledge, as such, can also be obtained from bad payers and protested because there is a guarantee the object itself, which is assessed and, on the basis of the response, an adequate sum will be disbursed (always slightly less than the assessment itself). The Credit on Pledge then leads to periodic auctions that are held at the Genoa Auction Room, in Via David Chiossone 3, on Tuesdays from 9.30 to 12.30 and, in the afternoon of the same day, from 14.30 to 15.30.

Among the credit solutions of Instant Care Bank, we also find E-Money, the revolving credit card that is given to customers who request it and which allows you to make purchases by having a fund (credit line) made available by the same credit institution. of Instant Care Bank has no commission fees, has no annual fee and has no costs of sending an account statement.

Furthermore, it is safe because it allows you to receive an SMS with each use and also provides an insurance policy.

Do Instant Care Bank loans agree?

As we have seen, Instant Care Bank offers various ideal loan solutions for employees, retirees and self-employed people. To evaluate the convenience of the loan, as usual, we refer to comparators, which are a few clicks allow you to find the best credit offer for your needs.