Loan for mini-jobbers – smart solutions – despite a small salary

The loan for mini-jobbers shows a sophisticated credit picture. Anyone who does a mini-job definitely does not have a high monthly income.

However, banks want an income above the seizure limit when lending. Most Minijobber but do not reach this limit.

It must be guaranteed that a loan for mini-jobbers can also be paid.

Credit for mini jobbers – a bad starting position

Credit for mini jobbers - a bad starting position

Whoever has a mini-job usually does not earn more than 450 Euros. In addition, many of these jobbers do not even reach the maximum amount, so even less is in the purse every month. This shows a clear difference when the mini-job is exercised to the main job. This results in completely different credit opportunities. The salary from the mini-job can then be added to the income from the main job. Of course, this increases the credit opportunities.

If workers are doing a mini-job, they are dependent on the money. Meanwhile, a trend is spreading, with people with full-time jobs accepting a mini-job. Many do this to finance a hobby, others have to accept this mini-job to just make ends meet.

Loan for mini-jobbers – checking the bank

Loan for mini-jobbers - checking the bank

If you are looking for a loan for mini-jobbers, you should choose a lender who will accept the minimum wage for the main income. This is not always so, because there are many lenders who only use the labor income from the main job as the basis for the credit check.

The reason is not only to look for in the often existing uncertainty in a mini-job, but rather from the fact that an income above the attachment exemption limit is achieved. The income from the mini-job is by no means less secure than from a labor income in the main activity.

For even workers with a minor employment are entitled to sick pay in the event of illness. In addition, they also have employment protection provisions.

By lending to the loan?

By lending to the loan?

If you can not find a lender, you can turn to a credit intermediary. However, care should be taken that there are no pre-payments to pay. Also insurance contracts increase the credit opportunities under any circumstances. Credit agencies have a good knowledge of the market of lenders who grant credit even in difficult cases.

However, a credit brokerage can not work miracles if the income is simply not enough. Nevertheless, it can be tried, because credit inquiries are always free.

Mini Jobber loan – mini-job as the sole source of income

Mini Jobber loan - mini-job as the sole source of income

With a mini job a livelihood can usually not be denied. In most cases, the rental payment is already higher than the income from the mini-job.

In addition, the income of a mini-jobber is lower than a Hartz IV rate. Therefore, mini-jobbers who are available to the labor market and have a mini-job are entitled to an increase in income through the job center.

This can also result in services such as an interest-free loan in order to make necessary purchases. The student does not receive a supplement if he or she is living with a partner or spouse and has a marginal employment.

Here you should look for a lender who also includes the maintenance of the partner in the budget statement. Alternatively, a mini-jobber loan with a partner who works full-time and proves income can also succeed.

Alternative to the loan for mini jobbers

Alternative to the loan for mini jobbers

It does not always have to be a bank loan so that important purchases can be made. Thus, the trade offers earmarked loans with a payment by installments which can also be paid by mini-jobbers.

Very few dealers do not ask for income if their purchase price is not exactly high. It is only queried the Schufa and this should be clean. Borrowers should, however, make sure that the installments are adjusted to income. Purchases can be made in electrical wholesalers, at mail order companies or at online retailers.

Credit from Private to Private – Chance of Credit for Mini Jobbers?

Credit from Private to Private - Chance of Credit for Mini Jobbers?

On the Internet there are so-called credit marketplaces which bring together loan seekers with private investors. Private investors are more likely to apply social criteria to their lending decisions and focus on their purpose.

Accordingly, as the loan request is made, investors will submit bids. A mini-job is far from being an exclusion reason, but it must be ensured that a granted loan can also be repaid.

The investors are not that blue-eyed. It’s worth a try, because the process only starts with a loan approval.

Dispo as a loan for mini jobbers

Dispo as a loan for mini jobbers

Going to the mini-jobber regularly income on an account, so he is entitled to a credit line. Usually, banks provide three net salaries as a disposition. The customer can freely choose how the dispatch will pay off later. However, this should not be waited too long, because the Dispo has very high overdraft interest.

Most banks charge a double-digit interest rate. If the mini-jobber now earns 450 euros net, then a credit line of 1350 euros could well come about. But as I said, it should only be used for short-term use.

Credit for students as a mini jobber

Credit for students as a mini jobber

Banks are more likely to grant credit to students with a mini-job than a Hartz IV recipient. Just when the student has a clean Schufa, banks decide surprisingly generous when a student asks for a loan.

Banks act proactively, as the students are the better earners of tomorrow. With the right customer loyalty is therefore started early.



The chances of getting a loan for mini-jobbers vary. If the mini-job is exercised to the main job and both incomes can be calculated together, the credit chances increase by a substantial.

If there is no bank providing a loan, then there is a way out of the purchase at the dealer. If the installment remains manageable, the dealer does not ask for the income. Only the Schufa must be unloaded.