Loan for internship – these possibilities are offered – Comparison

With a loan for an internship, students who receive an internship at short notice can compensate for a loss of earnings. During an internship, money is often not earned. Moreover, many students can not rely on accumulated reserves. Here an education loan offers, whereby however some conditions must be fulfilled.

Credit for Internship – Prospects

Credit for Internship - Prospects

Credit for internship – take in hand

As one reads, almost every fourth student receives financial support under the Federal Training Promotion Act, Bafög for short. Thus, even non-wealthy people can complete a degree.

It must be distinguished whether it is a compulsory internship or a voluntary internship. In the case of a compulsory internship, a mandatory internship is prescribed by the training regulations of the degree program.

During this time interns have to learn something according to their studies. If these conditions are met, a student loan is possible. However, the funding requirement depends on the remuneration of the internship. There is no student loan for a voluntary internship.

The internship is supported with Bafög if it is completed during the semester break. Those who take leave of absence from the semester to take a longer internship receive no financial support. But to be able to pay for the living, they ask for a loan for an internship.

Credit for Internship – Education Credit

Credit for Internship - Education Credit

If an internship is not remunerated, an educational loan can be requested from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau – KfW. This loan is especially for students who are already advanced in their studies.

The loan is flexible and can be tailored to the borrower. For example, with a loan volume up to € 7200, a monthly payment of around € 300 will be available. Repayment will be made four years after disbursement at low rates. The interest on the education loan is extremely low.

The credit for an internship is not dependent on income and can therefore benefit every student. The borrower looks best for his house bank and asks for the loan from KfW. This will then initiate the further procedural measures. It must be submitted to a certificate for an internship and study.

The repayment will be made after the end of the study.

Credit for internship – installment loan

Credit for internship - installment loan

Anyone who does not qualify for a KfW loan or prefer to take out a installment loan, however, must provide loan collateral. This can be a second borrower or even the parents who vouch for the loan.

The trainee must then meet the same conditions as any other loan seeker for a installment loan. The income must be sufficiently high and above the seizure threshold for the loan to be secured.

Since the internship is often accompanied by little or no income, the installment loan can not be approved without collateral. If a second borrower or a guarantor can be named, then these persons must prove the necessary income and the clean private credit. It must not be low-paid or undergo an internship to secure the loan. The installments may be deducted from the second borrower’s account, even if the loan is due to the trainee.

Credit for internship – part time job

Credit for internship - part time job

The situation looks different when an internship is made and a part time job can be done on the weekend. This could succeed in a loan with a small loan amount. One thinks here of a loan amount of about 1000 euros. The monthly rate could then be set at 50 euros and would be so affordable.

With a side job, this might be possible, the loan would be paid quickly. Direct banks on the Internet are lending so little. The bank then checks the income from the part-time job and if there are any other income available. It would be advantageous if there is already a permanent job after the internship.

Then, during the internship, the rates could possibly be increased. The possibility of special repayments would be given, which could replace the loan prematurely.



Those who start their studies and have been able to set up reserves can use these reserves for an internship or another. Anyone who was unable to do so can apply for an educational loan from KfW and make a living from it.

If this loan is out of the question, it could be searched on the internet for a provider of a loan for internships. There are lenders that also provide smaller loan amounts with small installments. It is always good if the parents can vouch or a second borrower secures the loan. That would be the best solution.